National Thinking of you week/Bring Back Paper


I sent my first card on Monday, I hadn’t really thought about who to send them to, I thought I’d wait to see who popped into my thoughts. So yesterday was easy enough, a friend had commented on my Instagram photo of my Green Tea – Gingerbread flavour, that she needed that tea, so I sent her a tea bag 🙂

Tuesday’s card I sent to a friend who lost her husband a few years ago and she’s never far from my thoughts, she’s bringing up their son who is a similar age to my daughter alone and has recently moved home. So I sent her a card simply saying I often think of her too, along with a tea bag 🙂

Wednesday’s card has been sent to a friend who I’ve not seen for a while but she gave me the opportunity to ride a horse again after many years, she’s a lovely lady who is always busy so I hope she likes her card.

I’ve not chosen anyone for the rest of the week yet.

Have you sent a card this week?

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5 thoughts on “National Thinking of you week/Bring Back Paper

  1. Ah, this is a lovely thing to do, and as you know, I do like sending cards and snail mail, too! I have sent 3 cards this week so far, for 2 birthdays and an anniversary, and I’ll be writing a #PostCircle on a card before the week is out, I’m sure! i’ve no doubt your recipients will have welcomed there and you put a smile on their faces 🙂 Thanks for sharing with #paperypeep

  2. Ah that was nice to send a friend the tea, I also sent out a letter to someone I have never written to but has been going through a lot. It does feel nice to post an unshedualed letter or card 🙂 x

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