Word of the week 30.8.14

This is my first ‘Word of the week’ as I’m new to blogging.

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I can think of two words for this week which is cheating but they’re both strong contenders.

Firstly… BIRTHDAY.

My daughter turned 9 this week and we’ve had a busy week for her. She had a friend to sleepover, we went to see ‘Maleficent’ at the cinema, took her to an ice cream parlour on her birthday and today it was her party! Phew!

And a close second is BATHROOM.

We’re refurbishing our bathroom and this week we’ve had our floor and walls tiled. There’s been a lot of preparation for this. Tuesday our tiler came out to lay the underlay type thing for the floor, then he tiled the floor on Thursday. Last night my partner and I were preparing the walls for the tiling today!

So my word(s) are Birthday and Bathroom.

I’ll only have one next time…. Promise


8 thoughts on “Word of the week 30.8.14

  1. I hope your little one loved her day- wow 9!
    Glad your getting a new bathroom- something definitely on our list of ‘to do’!
    Hope you get to enjoy the results soon!

    • Thanks for stopping by. Times flies so quickly, I can’t believe she’s 9!
      We’ve been in this house for a year and it needs complete redecorating but the bathroom was dreadful so it needed a compete refurb! It’s looking fabulous now, the grouting needs doing but it’s almost there 🙂

  2. Well why not have 2?! Both great words! I’m so pleased your daughter had a lovely birthday, sounds perfect for her. Exciting to have a bathroom project under-way, too. Thanks for choosing to share and link up with #WotW & I hope you enjoy your blogging journey x

    PS I do tweet these out – do you want me to do so & use your normal personal twitter a/c, or have you set up a new one for blogging? x

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